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Kids in Art Class
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Download the page from our coloring book below, print it out, have your kiddos color it, take a picture of the artist and the art, then send it in!

Contest rules:

1. The contest for the Rim page will run from August 2nd through September 30th.

2. Kiddos 12 and under are welcome to participate in the contest. (ps. adults are still welcome to color and send in their pages to be highlighted on Facebook or Instagram!)

3. Any photos sent could be used for Sanctuary Horses social media. If your kiddo would like to participate, but doesn't want to be featured on social media, please let us know when you send in the photo!

4. When you send your email submission, please put the name of the artist on the coloring page or in the email. 


Send All Coloring Page Submissions to:
Thank you! We can't wait to see your art.
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