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Our Family




This guy is one of the most loving and cuddly horses in our group. Rim can no longer be ridden due to a neurological condition so he follows along while his friends get ridden and spends his days grazing in the fields. Rim loves his treats and has never been afraid to push others out of the way to make sure he doesn’t get left out. We love Rim and we are so glad to have him on our team.


Handsome blaze faced red rabicano gelding. Timmy is an eight year old papered quarter horse, with bloodlines stemming from original foundation cowhorses. He was started at too young of an age and for that, is no longer sound to ride. His hocks had to be injected to keep him comfortable during his riding days, but the steroid stopped being efficient due to a bone spur later found in one of his hocks. He now lives comfortably on the ranch and is the first horse to you when you call for them!

Timmy Website Headshot.jpg
Ot Website Headshot.jpeg


This dun mare came with Noodle. This girl is sweet and adventurous, but has got some spunk. Ott can and has done it all. She has crossed bodies of  water, lead trails, worked around cows and bulls,  and so much more. She is great with any task you  give her and loves to please the rider. She would  be a horse for a rider with a little background  experience with horses, only because of her spunk and strong-willed nature. Once a bond is made  with this horse, she will listen to you well, and  come up for pets and kisses whenever she sees  you. As of right now, she is grazing on the ranch  and leading trail groups. We can’t wait to see what  the years ahead have in store for Ott as a part of  the team.



Ghost is a big boy, standing at 17+ hands and wears a size 6 shoe. He was purchased from a local hunting guide and has fit in great with our horse family. He loves kids and anyone with treats. Don’t let his size fool you because he is easily the kindest horse on the ranch! He spent this last summer taking care of Stevie, our recently deceased blind appaloosa, and making friends with Reba, Jolene, and Dolly.  

Ghost Website Headshot.jpg
Noodle Website Headshot.jpg


This guy is a retired ranch horse that we acquired from a local friend and rancher. For his retirement, he gives trail rides on our ranch to beginners of all ages.  This gelding and our dun mare, Ot, came from the same ranch and are inseparable.  Noodle is one of our larger quarter horses, standing at 16 hands.  Although it may seem weird, this dude is one of our most gentle horses. Noodle prefers to be the lead horse on the trail and always remembers how to get home.  This big guy has been a great addition to our team and is favorite for sure.  His kind and gentle temper are sure to sneak into your heart too.



When Dolly was rescued from the kill pen in the fall of 2020, we weren't expecting her to last through the winter.  Dolly was the last horse in the kill pen lot and no one wanted her due to her age and condition.  Dolly was underweight, starved, sick, and knocking on death's door. Despite all odds, Dolly persevered.  Not only did Dolly make it through that winter, she has gotten back to a healthy weight and fully recovered from all prior health conditions.  She was named Dolly because of her cheerful and loving temperament despite  her circumstances. From the first day of working with Dolly, she has been sweet, loving, and curious.  Dolly is always up for some pets and attention.  This 28 year old sweetheart has made it through everything life has thrown at her, and continues to stay strong.  Dolly is now enjoying the open Wyoming ranges and enjoying the retirement she deserves.

Dolly Website Headshot.jpg
Jolene Webstie Headshot.jpg


Jolene was rescued from a kill pen in November of 2020. When we rescued Jolene, we had no idea that this mare was pregnant. Six months later, our sweet Willie was born. Since day one, Jolene has shown to be nothing but compassionate and willingness. She has been one of the easiest to work with and is calm and collected always. Jolene has proven to be an amazing mother to Willie. Once Willie was weaned from his mother, we began working with Jolene and have come to love her quirks.  Jolene is a horse that requires the utmost amount of trust and understanding from her rider. With more time we have no doubt she will become an exceptional horse for riders of all ages.



Willie was the sweetest surprise anyone could ask for. This cremello colt is one of the friendliest and most social horses you’ll ever meet. The team of horses all love this little guy and each treat him like their own. We can’t wait to start working with Willie and see who he becomes as he develops his personality and starts being worked with! Willie is loved by all that meet him and all the team and he hopes one day to meet you! 

Willie Website Headshot.jpg
Reba Website Headshot.jpg


We found Reba online when a family posted that they could no longer keep her due to her high spirit and 
unwillingness.  After a lot of work, and building a strong relationship with her, she has grown to be one of our best horses. Reba is kind and gentle, but also curious and brave. She has ridden past a mountain lion perfectly calm, has crossed water, gone through trees, and so many more unknown things to her that are now things she enjoys doing on a daily basis. Reba got her name for her strong-willed personality and sass. Now, Reba is one of our best horses for beginners, she loves working and going on trail rides, but also loves hanging with the team grazing in the field. 


Striking bay and white paint gelding. Do you remember Eeyore? This guy has the same personality- unbothered! He and his best friend Billy showed up together when the family who had them had outgrown them but wanted a good home for them. They love roaming the ranch with their newfound family.  

Ringo Headshot.jpeg
Billy Headshot.jpeg


Cute flea-bitten grey gelding who loves any and all attention. He and his best friend Ringo showed up together when the family who had them had outgrown them but wanted a good home for them. He even has a birthmark that looks like he was kissed on his muzzle!


Used to be a pack mule for an outfitting guide, then got her leg cut and was turned loose and found by someone who kept her for the winter until she was given to Sanctuary Horses where she is now able to live out the life of retirement she deserves.

Maddie Headshot_edited.jpg


White eighteen year old thoroughbred mare we received from a mutual friend who happened to be getting out of horses and wanted a forever home for her best friend. It is said Maddie loves her human family more than her equine family- if you are walking through the herd, you can bet Maddie will be following you hoping you will stop for some scratches.

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