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Updated: Nov 28

Extra all about it!


A great big “THANK YOU” to The Sanctuary for a new winter home for our Sanctuary Horses family!



We are so thankful to get to partner with Bison’s Bounty. Go try the Giddy Up, a white chocolate mocha with cinnamon and maple. It is a tasty drink and $2 of every purchase goes to Sanctuary Horses.

Would you buy this drink if you lived in Pinedale (or have you already)?


  • If I liked coffee, I would....

  • No (wrong answer)



The aspen leaves are starting to change color from green, to gold and red. This time of year reminds us of a quote..”The transition from one season to another can often be a reminder to appreciate the wonders of nature” (Anonymous). Up on the Rim is a great place to appreciate the wonder of the outdoors. Usually, we get a little sad this time of year because we used to leave our people to be wintered somewhere else, but this year, we have a winter home and we get to stay with each other and our people! We are thankful for the cool air as we can feel winter coming.

Thank you for your love and support!

The Sanctuary Horse Family



Provide a home for horses seeking a new purpose.

At Sanctuary Horses we don’t just rescue horses, we do our best to provide a home for horses that may just simply need a new purpose, like this guy, Noodle. He is a retired ranch horse that we acquired from a local friend and rancher. For his retirement, he gives trail rides on our ranch to beginners of all ages. This gelding and our dun mare, Ot, came from the same ranch and are inseparable.

Ot is just two years older than Noodle, and they have been together for 25 years! Noodle is one of our larger quarter horses, standing at 16 hands. Although it may seem weird, this dude is one of our most gentle horses. Noodle prefers to be the lead horse on the trail and always remembers how to get home. This big guy has been a great addition to our team and is a favorite for sure. His kind and gentle temper are sure to sneak into your heart too.



Sanctuary Horses embodies compassion and dedication, and my donation is a small yet heartfelt gesture towards creating a better life for these beautiful animals.

-Gayle Nix

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